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Special Celebrations

Positively Funny Improv Helps Celebrate Your Special Occasion Like Nobody Else!

Positively Funny Improv has been performing Improvisation comedy in the Birmingham area since 2010.  And during that time frame, we have helped tons of people to celebrate their special occasion!  Whether it is a birthday party, an anniversary party, or a "Welcome Home From Prison" shindig - PFI can create a celebration that will be long remembered.


What make our celebrations different is that we actually make your special occasion a part of our show!  We bring your celebrant on stage to share in the funny.  If they are too shy for some fame, they can select others from the party to fill in for them. We never "make" people get on stage with us.

Since we are a clean comedy company, it is an ideal event for the entire family.  Generally, ages 10 and up are welcomed.  Crying babies are allocated to the kitchen for storage, but otherwise we are good to go.

You can provide us information about your celebrant in advance to make the event even more special.  We love to poke gentle fun of our special guests.

You can be a part of our regular Thursday night shows in the Broadway Room at the famed StarDome Comedy Club.  Show begins at 7pm and is wrapped up by 9pm.  If you prefer a private performance we can do that as well depending on availability. 

Groups of 15 or more purchased tickets get a free standard size birthday cake for consumption during/after the show.  Tickets are only $9 each so it will be an event that won't break the bank.  Book your special occasion today.  You can call us at 205.444.0008 or click HERE to email us.

Special Information For Your Celebration

We can make your celebration even more special if you provide us some information on your celebrants.  We promise not to tell them it was you providing the information unless they cough up $100 or more.  Just click on the button below to spill the beans for us.

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