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“A sale is not something you pursue, it is something that happens while your immersed yourself in serving your customer. ”


Listen to understand and build a collaborative effort with your customer.
Don't read a "script", instead have authentic conversations.
Tell your story with passion and emotion.

Selling is an act of Improvisation.  Use Improv to draw people in, set the context for issues, make connections with people, and get buy-in from your clients.


There is more to impressing a prospective new client and winning new business than reading lines off the presentation.  You need to customer interactions that are positive and effective.  Most importantly, you need empathy to build rapport, agility to respond to curveballs, and resiliency to bounce back from no.

When faced with competitive challenges in the market, you’ll need the dexterity and storytelling prowess only an improviser can bring. Our workshops help your team build these critical skills.


Our approach will generate up excitement and newfound energy for your teams – and ultimately, your customers. 

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