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Improvisation Classes

NEW Basic Improv Classes Bham.png

Our Improv  c;lasses meet at the Palmer Parkside.   Meets weekly for 6 sessions. Register early to guarantee you a position in class.  $225

Improvisation can change your life in so many ways - personal and professional.  Our basic level Improv classes help you master the power of "YES, AND" to learn how to move things forward in your everyday life.  Learn to jumpstart your creativity as you master stepping outside the box. With an attitude of Improv, you learn to know no fear.  The skills you master help in your presentation skills, overcome your fear of public speaking, enhance your socialization skills and so much more.

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Master Level Improv Classes BHAM.jpg

Master Level Classes are offered on week nights

Next class date to be determined.


Our master level classes are for the experienced Improviser or recent graduates of our training Institute.  These classes help you take your Improv skills to the next level.  Taught by our most experienced Improvisers, these classes are very focused and students can expect critical feedback that you need to grow to the next level of your Improv game.  A true commitment is needed to succeed in these classes.


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Long Form Improv Classes BHM.jpg

Our Improv  classes will begin in Summer 2022..


Our weekly performances are "short-form" Improv or "Improv games."  We also teach and occasionally perform "long-form" Improvisation which is several scenes created off of a single suggestion, all inter-related, usually lasting for 30-minutes.  It is a brilliant art-form and enjoyed by the Improvisers and audience members alike.

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NEW Summer Comedy Camp.png

Our 2024 session is scheduled for is still being determined.

To be held at The Palmer Parkside, 1415 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233

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This summer camp is unlike any other summer camp your young camper has attended.  The week is a focused on creating an ensemble mindset, acceptance, and all the other powerful principles of Improv.  The camp concludes with an on-stage performance Friday afternoon for friends and family. 

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