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If you have ever watched Positively Funny Improv on stage, you have watched our talented cast play "short-form" Improv or Improv games.  There are other styles of Improv around.  We offer classes in one of these Improv disciplines known as "long form" Improv.

Long-form Improv is generally an entire piece done off a single suggestions.  In many forms, these scenes are all connected, even if they don't seem to be at the beginning of the show.  To be put is its most basic definition, long-form can be categorized as a improvised play.

For 30 minutes there are multiple scenes which are all made up on the spot, but instead of getting suggestions before each scene, each new scene is either inspired by the initial suggestion from the audience or is inspired from an earlier scene. 

Long-form Improv will also play on many different emotions than short-form.  In both forms the general goal is to entertain the audience through laughter.  However long-form Improv will get to play on other emotions as well.  Much like a play, a long-form Improv piece can make people laugh, cry, feel rage, feel sadness, and much much more.  Since you have so much more time on the stage you have much more wiggle room to explore the other human emotions other than just laughter.

A New Long Form Class will take place in soon at the new Birmingham Improv Theatre.

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