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Experience the Joys of Improv for Yourself!

Our classes are LIFE-CHANGING!  We hear it time and time again!  But, we offer other classes beyond Improv, including stand-up and comedy writing.  If is comedy, then we probably teach it!

Our classes are taught by professionals in the discipline they teach.  With over 650 students passing through our classes since we started, we must be doing something right!  Take the leap for yourself!

Pre-buy a class during our birthday celebration and save $25.  Regular $195 for 16 hours of training, you can pre-buy for $170.  Regardless of the class or when you want to take the class, you can SAVE NOW!

Click below to SAVE!

July 24, 2010...

A date that will also live in Infamy!

Only July 24, 2010, Positively Funny Inc. was founded.  David Grissom, our founder, returned to his hometown with the mission of making a difference in the lives of our youth and teens.  

He founded Perform-4A-Purpose, a not-for-profit that uses the performing arts to take on the issue of bullying in our schools.  To help fund this effort, Positively Funny Inc. was also founded.

Positively Funny Inc. (PFI) began by offering Improv classes in partnership with the Virginia Samford Theatre.  Since our first class in September 2010, we have had over 650 students pass through our classes.

We began public performances in April 2011 with our first sold-out performance also at the Virginia Samford Theatre.  In October 2011, we began our weekly shows at the Barking Kudu in Lakeview and continue to do weekly shows, though we have taken summer of 2018 off after over 765 shows!

We love being on stage and have done not only our weekly shows at various places in Birmingham, but we have also toured doing shows all across the Southeast!  Crowds love our laugh-a-minute shows.

We also have our PFI Solutions division that provides professional development workshops to a long list of clients across the Southeast.  Improv-based learning in a wide variety of business soft skills, including communications, leadership, team-building and so much more!

Yes, it has been a busy 8 years and we look forward to so much more!  Join our email list and LIKE our Facebook page to keep up with all the happenings with the PFI Family. 

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