Ensemble Cast

David Grissom, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Cast Member

David was trained in the art of Improv at the famed Second City in Chicago and performed for several years. David also has experience writing comedy as he wrote for various televisions shows throughout his career.  David's spirit animal is the alpaca.

Kris Genschmer, Cast Member & Artistic Director

Kris learned his vast Improv knowledge at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando and performed as part of their Lab Rats group. After moving to Birmingham to earn his doctorate in microbiology from UAB, Kris became one of the founding members of Positively Funny Improv. Kris' spirit animal is the Lorikeet.

Scott Pierce, Cast Member & Director of Development

Pierce was one of our first graduates of the PFI Comedy Institute to become an ensemble cast member. Pierce is a brilliant talent on and off the stage as he is also one of our instructors in both the Improv program and the Corporate workshops. Pierce's spirit animal is the Kakapo.

Ty Malugani, Cast Member & Head Writer

Like Pierce, Ty was taught Improv through PFI's Comedy Institute. Ty is also the Head Writer of the PFI Writing Team. Outside of Improv, Ty received his Masters degree in History from UAB.

Ty's spirit animal is yet to be determined.

Bonny Lepley, Cast Member

Bonny is another one of our PFI Comedy Institute graduates. She has taken many of our classes including Comedy Writing and Musical Improv. When not making our audiences laugh, Bonny is helping people through her job as a nurse at UAB Hospital. Bonny's spirit animal is the Amazon Royal Flycatcher.