Comedy Classes & Workshops

Our classes will soon be resuming.  The classes above represent new dates for new classes.  We hope to resume classes that were suspended in March mid to late June 2020 with new restrictions in place for the safety of our staff and our students.  We will be contacting you next week to discuss potential dates.

Positively Funny Inc. offers Birmingham's ONLY in-depth comedy lessons including Improv, Comedy Writing, Stand-Up Comedy and Digital Short Comedy. Basically, if it's about comedy, we teach it.  The backgrounds of our instructors range from the famed Second City in Chicago to SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando and even some home-grown talent from here in Birmingham. When you choose to learn comedy with Positively Funny Inc., you are getting the best of several "comedy worlds."


Our curriculum is developed by tenured professionals in the industry and is delivered in an environment that is safe and nurturing.  We offer classes year-round  for both adults and teens, as well as specialized summer camps for youth and teens.  We also offer classes that integrate special needs students with our regular students.



We offer our traditional 6-week class terms with each class being 2 hours long.  We also offer more intense classes for certain classes that meet 4 sessions for 4 hours or 6 classes for 3 hours.  Our intense classes are usually offered on the weekend.  And to allow our "distance" students the same opportunities as Birmingham area residents, our writing and stand-up classes have a "long distance learning" option.


Our students turn to Positively Funny Inc. to amp up their funny.  Whether you are looking to take to the stage, improve your business soft-skills, gain confidence in your public speaking or presentation skills or to just have fun and cross an item off your bucket-list - TAKE THE LEAP! You will discover the POWER of the FUNNY!

Please note that not all of our classes are always available. Click here to wait list for any classes that are not available at this time.

Our classes generally require prepayment online. If you need to pay in person, or need a payment plan, please contact us.

NEW! We are pleased to announce that we are now offering classes in Musical Education. Click here to learn more!

Improv Classes
Basic Improv Classes Bham TTown.jpg

Our Basic Level Improv classes are the starting point for whether you want to have fun or want to pursue Improv on stage.  Our curriculum is designed by professionals and is paced to help you succeed when you take to the stage for your graduation show at the conclusion of Level 301. If you're still not sure if improv is for you, sign up for our free Taste of Improv workshop to get a "preview" of what you'll learn in Improv 101!

Classes offered:

FREE Taste of Improv one-day workshop--Register Now!

Improv 101: Introduction to Improv Fundamentals--Register Now!

Improv 201: Basic Scenework--Coming soon. Click here to wait list!

Improv 301: Games for Performance--Coming soon. Click here to wait list!

Master Level Improv Classes BHAM.jpg

Our master level classes are for the experienced Improviser or recent graduates of our training Institute.  These classes help you take your Improv skills to the next level.  Taught by our most experienced Improvisers, these classes are very focused and students can expect critical feedback that you need to grow to the next level of your Improv game.  A true commitment is needed to succeed in these classes.

Classes offered:

Master Level Improv 401: Advanced Scenework 

Master Level Improv 501: Characters & Environment

Master Level Improv 601: Styles & Genres

These classes are currently not available. Click here to wait list!

Long Form Improv Classes BHM.jpg

If you have ever watched Positively Funny Improv on stage, you have watched our talented cast play "short-form" Improv or Improv games.  There are other styles of Improv around.  We offer classes in one of these Improv disciplines known as "long form" Improv. Long-form Improv is generally an entire piece done off a single suggestion.  In many forms, these scenes are all connected, even if they don't seem to be at the beginning of the show.  To be put is its most basic definition, long-form can be categorized as a improvised play. Much like a play, a long-form Improv piece can make people laugh, cry, feel rage, feel sadness, and much much more.  

Classes offered:

Long-form Improv 701: Introduction to Long-form 

Long-form Improv 702: The Harold Style

These classes are currently not available. Click here to wait list!

Intro To Musical Improv Bham.jpg

There is no greater thrill than successfully making up a song on the spot and making audience members laugh-out-loud.  Our Musical Improv classes take you from zero to ninety.  You do not need to have a musical background to take these classes.  You do not even have to have a "good voice" to enjoy these classes. After all, it is comedy. We are looking for people who truly excel at this unique skill set and successfully complete the classes to join a new Musical Improv troupe that Positively Funny Improv is forming.  Take the leap!

Classes offered:

Musical Improv 801: Introduction--On-Hold. Click here to wait list!

Musical Improv 802: Intermediate--currently not available. Click here to wait list!

Musical Improv 803: Advanced--currently not available. Click here to wait list!

Youth n Teen Class.png

Our Youth & Teen Classes and Camps are incredibly popular offerings.  These intensives help youth and teen increase their self-confidence, expand their socialization, and jumpstart their creativity.  Each session culminates into a performance for friends and family. 

Classes offered:

Youth & Teen Improv Summer Camp: --Register Now!

Playwright Camp.png

This is a brand new Summer Camp in partnership with our not-for-profit, Perform-4A-Purpose.  Theatre professionals will guide you through the process of creating an original one-act play.  Starting with hands-on theatre activities that will teach you playwriting fundamentals, you will write your original play on your own or with a partner.  During week two, you will learn the fundamentals of directing and design as you work in teams to rehearse and present excerpts of your plays on the last day of camp for family and friends.

Classes offered:

Teen Summer Playwright Camp--On-Hold!

Other Comedy Classes
Generic Stand-Up.jpg

When people think of comedy, they most often think of stand-up comedy.  When you ask for the name of a famous comedian, the names offered up will most often be legendary stand-up comics.  When natural ability collides with professional training, the sky is the limit! The Stand-Up Comedy classes take you from the basics of joke writing to how to generate ideas and develop a laugh-filled routine.  You will gain a thorough understanding of what comedy is about and how to best leverage your talents for success.

Classes offered:

Stand-up Comedy 101: Introduction--currently being rescheduled. Click here to wait list!

Stand-up Comedy 201: Intermediate--currently being rescheduled. Click here to wait list!

Stand-up Comedy 301: The Business of Stand-up Comedy--currently not available. Click here to wait list!

Generic Sketch Writing.jpg

Do you have an inner funny but don't want to be under the spotlights on stage?  Release your inner funny through our Sketch Comedy Writing classes taught by seasoned professionals.  Learn to write SNL-style comedy sketches from a blank piece of paper to a produced sketch on stage.   Graduated students have the opportunity to join the PFI Writing Team headed up by Ty Malugani.

Classes offered:

Sketch Comedy Writing 101: Introduction--currently not available. Click here to wait list!

Sketch Comedy Writing 201--currently not available. Click here to wait list!